Let Me Take A Mama Moment.

Sometimes, motherhood makes you laugh...at yourself.
Sometimes, motherhood makes you laugh…at yourself.

Let me take a Mama moment…to laugh at myself.  I got inspired by Milla’s post to share some of my not so glamorous and funny Mama moments. I’m sure there are more but these were the ones that came to mind:

  1. O was having a hard time adjusting to W.  I’m sure he was thinking, who is this alien looking thing that just appeared out of no where and when is he going to leave?  It was the first time I braved taking both boys out to run errands.  We were in one of the grocery aisles, O in the shopping cart, and I was wearing W.  O decided that he wanted to kiss W and kept insisting that he do it THAT MOMENT.  I quickly let him and something about watching how carefully he kissed his brother’s forehead caused a lump in my throat.  I started bawling out of happiness in the middle of the aisle.  O was confused, W sound asleep, and I’m sure the elderly gentleman nearby was equally confused.  I spent the rest of the grocery trip trying to hold it together and not cry.
  2. We were almost out of baby wipes so I quickly got myself and the boys dressed to make a Target run.  I realized that O’s shirt was on inside out when we were in the parking lot but shrugged it off.  We quickly grabbed what we needed (and probably things we didn’t need), paid, I grabbed some Starbucks, and headed back to the car.  O had been pointing at something while we were going around Target but I was too focused on making sure we had everything we needed.  Once again as we were nearing the car he was pointing and I realized it was at me.  I looked down and realized the cardigan I threw on had W’s bibs all over it.  The cardigan I grabbed from from a pile of clothes to be folded and due to the material the velcro on the bibs stuck to it.  I probably looked like a walking bib ad at the store.
  3. If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen me post about how much O loves The Lion Guard. He loves it so much that I relented to downloading the soundtrack.  It’s pretty much the only thing we listen to when we’re in the car.  The songs are pretty catchy and I’ve memorized the majority of them. It was a day where it was just O and me and we were in the Starbucks drive-thru.  Of course, we were listening to The Lion Guard soundtrack.  I had just ordered and pulled up to the pick up area.  For whatever reason the barista was busy and didn’t open the window to accept my payment just yet.  O was not loving the fact that I was singing along to the songs.  Of course, being the great Mama I am, I decided to sing even louder and just put on a show.  Needless to say, during this whole “show,” the barista opened the window and was chuckling to mine and (mostly) O’s dismay.
  4. My husband just went back to work after taking leave when W was born.  I was trying to be helpful and make his coffee to take with him.  It was after a night of little to no sleep and I had grabbed the creamer from the fridge.  O had just woken up and was asking for cereal.  I grabbed his bowl and Cheerios, poured creamer into his bowl, sleepily handed it to him, and proceeded to pour the Cheerios into my husband’s coffee.  I only realized what I did after I put the Cheerios into the fridge and the creamer in the cupboard.
  5. O was learning to use the toilet and we started him out by having him go pee before his bath.  Well, at this point O has his clothes already off as he would go pee and then get into the tub.  We were over at a friend’s house and I had asked him to use the bathroom before we left.  I was trying to make sure I had gathered all of our things and didn’t realize that he had proceeded to take off his clothing because duh, that’s how he was use to using the bathroom at that time.  Of course my friend was confused. I quickly had to explain why as I was trying to get O back into his clothes.

I think I need to do this more often, it was nice to look back and laugh at these. I might have been cringing (or crying) about it when these moments actually happened but I can definitely see it as just a few moments out of the many happier ones. What are some of your funnier/not-so-glamourous Mama moments?

signed, dee

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  1. Hahahaha number four. I’ve done something like that so many times!! I laughed out loud. I also constantly leave the house with stuff all over myself. There’s usually no one here to tell me and I went to visit my parents one week and as we’re heading out my mom says “you know you have stuff all over you. You’ve been leaving the house like that a lot”. I never realized what a mess I was! 😱

    1. I’ve gone to my parents with stuff all over me too! Of course they waited until right when we were leaving to say something too!

    1. I’m glad! Definitely going to be posting more once I remember other funny moments and I’m sure I’m going to have more happen in the future.

    1. Glad it made you laugh! Got inspired by yours and definitely want to do this often!

  2. I love this post! What a fun idea. Number 4 made me laugh the hardest. I mix up stuff like that more often than I’d like to admit. Do you ever do that with words too? I’ll be thinking of two different words and I’ll mesh them into one and make my own. One of my all-time favorites is “Shingers”. (For shingles and shutters) LOL

  3. There’s some funny stories there, I can easily understand about the Cheerios in coffee due to sleep deprivation, I hope your husband saw the funny side! I recently walked all the way around Target with my hoodie on inside out, didn’t realize till I was back in the car park. None of the 3 employees who’d stopped me to talk about my 3 week old baby had mentioned it! #stayclassy

  4. Hahah these are too funny! I especially like the one where you are crying out of happiness in the grocery store, I can completely relate to this moment as it has happened to me! That is adorable he just wanted to kiss his little brother. : ) The Starbucks moment is also very funny, I can imagine the guy looking at you like, “what is she doing?!” lol. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

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