Special Moments with Under Lucky Stars

I love giving unique and meaningful gifts. Under Lucky Stars hit both when it came to finding the perfect gift for my husband.

My wedding anniversary is coming up and I’ve been searching for the perfect gift for my husband.  Being that my husband is a graphic designer, I always try to choose anniversary and birthday gifts that revolve around that genre.

I love giving him unique and meaningful gifts.  I really wanted something different other than the usual design books or other art related things I normally get him.  I found Under Lucky Stars and knew that it was the perfect present to give my husband this anniversary.

Please note that I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  


Under Lucky Stars was kind enough to let me choose a star map of my choice. They create a map of the stars above the location of a special date and time for you.  You can choose any date of significance to you – the birth of your child, first date, first kiss, etc.  This makes it so unique and a very meaningful gift! You can commemorate and freeze that special moment and have it showcased somewhere in your home.

I couldn’t wait until our anniversary day to give this to my husband (as with any gifts I get him) so he got to open this early.  The reaction on his face when he saw it was enough to tell me that I did a good job with this anniversary present! The days before I gave it to him I was trying to figure out a good spot for it.

Finally found a place for it.

After moving it around to various places in our home, I settled with the space above our bed.  Since moving in, almost a year and a half ago, we have been trying to figure out what to place over our bed.  He was happy enough placing it there.  I’ve been admiring it since he placed it up there.

D + J

I’m thinking our next set of posters should be of the kids’ birthdays.  I’d love to compare and contrast how different the stars look on each of those specials days.  Check out Under Lucky Stars to commemorate and freeze your own special moments.


Bath Time with the Aqua Scale

We’ve added some ease with the Baby Patent Aqua Scale 3 in 1 Digital Baby Bath.

One of the items we did not receive from our registry was a baby bath tub.  My husband and I decided to forego getting one as we both thought we could easily bath E in the sink.  This turned out to be somewhat of a problem when you have 2 other kids to account for and a suddenly squirmy baby.

Please note that I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  

l reached out to Baby Patent about their best selling AQUA SCALE™ and since it has arrived, bath time has been much easier.  Giving her a bath without a tub was easy when E was still a newborn but now that she’s packing on some weight it’s been much more difficult trying to hold her in one arm and bath her with the other.

O was intrigued with the tub!

There are built-in arm rests where your baby can rest their arms comfortably and also provide support for them.  It also includes a removable support post that goes between your baby’s legs for added safety.  It is only recommended to be removed around 6 months of age.  I really like the support post because it helps with making sure your baby doesn’t slip down.  There is also an anti-slip pad that runs along your baby’s back and makes it easier for your baby to have even more support while in the water.

O and W testing the tub out.

So not only are able to give your baby a bath but you can monitor the temperature and weigh your baby!  You do need 2 AAA batteries in order to operate these features (batteries not included). The boys were trying to test the weight feature with Elmo and were surprised when the numbers appeared on the screen.  I’m most excited about this since I love tracking the kids’ growth monthly, especially during their first year, to include in their emails that I send (we made each other the kids email addresses when they were born so we could email them updates, photos, and videos for them to read when they get older).

Of course being judged as I bathe their sister.

We’re still getting use to bath time here now that there are 3.  My husband usually handles the boys and I focus on E and we do this at the same time but in separate bathrooms.  However, the boys insisted on watching to make sure their sister was okay in her new tub.

“Why am I in here again?”

E still is decided whether or not she likes bath time but having this AQUA SCALE™ sure has made it easier for me giving her a bath at night!

Finding that Perfect Holiday Gift with Jord Watches

wooden watches, Jord, unique gifts, men's watches
With so many different design options for both men and women, you can’t go wrong with giving this as a holiday, anniversary, birthday, or just-because present.

As each anniversary, birthday, and holiday approaches, I feel like I’m always at a loss when it comes to choosing a gift for my husband.  He isn’t a materialistic person and always replies, “I don’t need anything.”  I’ve always stuck with clothing or something that pertains to one of his interests (mostly video games).  That hasn’t stopped me from trying to find a unique gift for him as each special occasion approaches.

Please note that I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  Please note that this post also includes affiliate links.

This year I wanted to opt out of the article of clothing and graphic design book bundle I usually give him. I did want it to fall under unique. He recently decided he wanted to change up his wardrobe to not only fit for work but also on the casual side.  Accessories were on his list of must-haves and I knew a watch was needed.

wooden watches, Jord, unique gifts, men's watches

Jord watches immediately came to mind.  I knew he would appreciate it’s uniqueness and the craftsmanship with each watch.  I chose the Dover in Koa and Black since I felt it would go best with his style.

wooden watches, Jord, unique gifts, men's watches


When it arrived, I took a peak and absolutely love that it came in a beautiful wooden box.  It also included cleaning accessories.

wooden watches, Jord, unique gifts, men's watches

I’m the type of person that loves giving gifts and I have a hard time waiting to have people open them.  O and I had wrapped it up and set under our tree but I couldn’t help but ask him to open it up early.  Good thing I did because since opening it, my husband has been wearing it non-stop.

wooden watches, Jord, unique gifts

He’s also been getting compliments on how unique of a men’s watch it is.  If you are planning on purchasing one for yourself (they make women’s watches too!), Jord also has a guide to measure your wrist.  You’re able to indicate your wrist size so once your watch arrives, all you have to do is slip it on!

Be sure to check out their beautiful wooden watches!  In the spirit of the holidays, Jord has graciously given me an instant coupon code to share with you, just click here and purchase your favorite!

Wooden Wristwatch

Quiet Moments In Our Ollie World Swaddle

Sharing some quiet moments with E wrapped all cozy in her Ollie World swaddle.

E is my third baby and I still haven’t perfected my swaddle wrapping technique.  Unless you are continuously wrapping babies, you tend to forget once you have your next child.

Please note that I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  Please note that this post also includes affiliate links.

First off the packaging is incredibly sweet and I can see it being a cute way to box up photos to give to your child in the future.  The material is soft and feels light and has a lot of breathability.  It’s made from custom moisture-wicking material so this reduces the risk of overheating for your little babe.  E didn’t seem to mind just laying on it but as you can see she was giving me a look to hurry up and wrap her up in it!

E saying, “Hurry up and swaddle me!”

When using it the first time I used the How To Use page on the Ollie World website to help guide me.

All comfy swaddled up!

The velcro allows this to grow with baby which I feel is a big plus.  I can definitely see why it’s known as the Smarter Swaddle™.  The swaddles I’ve previously used only last past a certain growth month and I would then have to purchase another one to fit my baby.  This is pretty much a “one size fits all” kind of product. It also reduces that tendency of having to re-do a swaddle.  If you’re like me, your swaddle skills can’t be outmatched by a squirmy baby.  If E had to resettle herself, or was startled by her big brothers playing, it didn’t undo the swaddle.

E taking in everything and about to fall asleep!

There is also an opening at the bottom to help with diaper changes.  You don’t have to worry about undoing the velcro or waking up your baby from that sound.  The elastic tie would just need to be undone.

E all swaddled in her bassinet.

The Ollie World swaddles come in three different colors to choose from.  This lavender one is perfect since I gravitated towards purples and pink tones for E.  The other colors are just as gorgeous as the lavender one.

Our verdict?  A definitely must have baby gear item.  It didn’t matter where E was, as long as she was wrapped in this, she was comfy and calm swaddled up in this Ollie World swaddle!


Want 10% off on an Ollie Swaddle? Click here.

Dreaming in a DockATot

Why I feel that a DockATot is a must have baby item, especially for newborns.

I added the DockATot to my list of must have baby essentials.  I recently gave birth and finally had the chance to see it in action for a week.  I wish I had this with my other children, especially with my second child who was a terrible sleeper, E is comfy and so happy snoozing away in it.

Please note that I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  Please not that this post also includes affiliate links.

E sleeping soundly in her DockATot

We received the DockATot Deluxe+ (for babies that are 0-8 months) to use for our newest addition – E.  Our original plan was to use a collapsable bassinet to move from room to room. That proved to be a nice thought but deemed especially hard when you’re running on less than a couple of hours of sleep and adjusting to the newborn life once again.

Having the DockATot completely simplified this.  Anything to make sleep-deprived parents lives easier right?  The multiple handles makes it easy to grab and take it from room-to-room.  I take it up with me at night to use on our bed in the morning while we wait for the boys to wake up.  Once the boys wake up, I march them downstairs, scoop E up, and grab the DockATot to use on the playmat we have in our living room.

The handles on the sides and top make it easy to grab and go.
E snoozing in her DockATot in the morning while we wait for her brothers to wake up.


E is completely comfortable in it, whether she is awake or sleeping, but as you can see she loves sleeping in it!

I was excited to use this as it is considered a multi-functional lounger – for co-sleeping and playtime. Right now it’s mostly used for sleepytime.  E sleeps just as soundly on the playmat as she does if it was placed on the bed. The boys love watching E sleep in the DockAtot.  Being able to place this on the floor makes it easy for them to not only watch her but interact with her.

The DockATot can just as easily be placed on the floor.

I was surprised with how soft the material is and the overall craftsmanship.The DockATot, which is handmade in Europe and designed in Sweden, is OEKO-TEX certified, all natural and 100% cotton, and has been tested for breathability.  I love that E never seems to be too hot or too cold in it – always completely comfortable.

I had mentioned previously that this particular DockATot was sold out but the Deluxe+ in Pristine White but is now back in stock.  There is also a selection of other Docks and cover sets to choose from ready for purchase.  You can also purchase accessories such as toys/toy arches and travel bags.

Some of the DockATot toys for purchase on their website


Our verdict? DockATot is a must have.  I think E’s smile proves it.

E is all sleepy smiles in her DockATot

Want 10% off a DockATot? Click here.

Please note that the DockATot is not recommended to be placed in a crib or bassinet.  Additional safety tips are listed on the DockATot site.

Never Too Close for Comfort

Baby wearing

Disclaimer: The thoughts below are my own.  I was not paid or offered anything in return for writing a review.

Just like with my first, I knew that I wanted to baby wear.  I was not happy with the K’Taan that I used with my first and child number 1 definitely did not enjoy it either.  I spent months researching slings and wraps and had settled for a wrap that I found through Instagram.  As much as I am happy with the Sollybaby wrap I purchased, I wanted something that I could throw on a little quicker.  I also wanted to have a backup to throw in my bag.  The experiences of forgetting the one and only wrap I had with my first child have forever haunted me (store runs without a wrap never turned out well!).

Like the Sollybaby wrap, I stumbled upon My Wild Bird through Instagram.  The My Wild Bird slings are much more affordable than other wraps that I had found.  What essentially drew me in to purchase one was the About section.   Taylor’s explanation was straightforward, honest, and just relatable.  I always find that I am the happiest with products that are in the small shop business.  You just know that there is a lot of hard work, time, and soul put into the product.

For me, especially after going through Postpartum depression with my first, being able to read words that I can relate to is a big thing.  I guess also just knowing that you’re either not alone or crazy in your motherhood research of baby wearing or breastfeeding is completely valid helps! It’s a strange feeling to know that this little human was growing in your belly for months and now you can hold them in your arms.  Being able to wear him is giving me as much comfort as it does for him.  The ability to chase after Child number 1 with ease also helps too!