On to New Adventures

It feels daunting thinking about a move to a new neighborhood and changing all that is familiar not only for myself but for my kids as well.
It feels daunting thinking about a move to a new neighborhood and changing all that is familiar not only for myself but for my kids as well.

With two kids our two bedroom condo was starting to feel so small.  The condo was perfect when it was just my husband and myself.  It was also perfect when O was born since we weren’t anticipating having another child so soon.  Now that W is mobile and the toys are starting to take over (a sarcastic but loving thank you godparents!), my husband and I decided we needed to to find a new place.


We saw maybe 8 homes and only saw 1 that we felt was right for us.  Our offer was drawn up and honestly we were anticipating that this home would not be ours.  We were so shocked to find that our first offer ever was accepted!  Now that we’re gearing up to move, I think it’s finally hit me that we’re really leaving.

The whole home buying process was stressful, anxiety filled, emotional, and faster than I thought it would be.  As someone with PPD and PPA, this was not an ideal situation for me.  It was during this time that my health took a turn and I took a step back from social media because of the overwhelm I was feeling.

Shirt from: Nestle & Thyme
Shirt from: Nestle & Thyme

There are so many memories attached to this condo.  Both boys have spent their first year here.  They took their first steps and falls here.  I’ve watched their sibling bond grow here.  Our neighbors are so friendly and sweet.  We know the area so well and my job and husband’s job are so close that freeways aren’t needed.  Our friends live so close, heck one of our best friends/O’s Godfather lives down the street.  I could go on, with the many memories and reasons why it’s hard to leave this condo and this neighborhood in general.

However in the end my husband and I were thinking about what would be the next step for our family – the best step for our family.  We may be further away from friends and our jobs but ultimately it’s the best move for the kids.

I’m definitely not as sad as I thought I would be but that may change on our moving day and once I see this place empty.  Looking forward to this new blessing that He has given us.  I’m looking forward to creating new memories.  Who knows, He may lead us back to this same area later on down the road.

Most of all, I’m just feeling blessed that I’m on this new adventure with the ones that I love.

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signed, dee


Heart filled Holidays

2015 memories

It’s become a little bit of a challenge to wrap presents as our family grows.  I’ve settled on either waiting until the kids falls asleep or waking up earlier than the kids.  I’ve gone with the later as I need to be sneaky about my husbands presents.

I remember as a kid that I would grow so excited as the gifts for myself grew under the tree.  I’d examine the wrapping paper that was used and any other additions.  As our family expanded, the wrapping paper mattered much less than the item inside.  Fast forward to now, well I really could careless for what I have under the tree.  I’m probably one of the worse people to shop for now.  My list consists of: any cute pajamas, giftcards to use at stores for the kids, a coffee cup.  As if I don’t have enough cute pajamas or coffee cups already.  Then I usually get the mini-lecture of “not a present for your kids but a present for you!”

Now I get much more satisfaction giving the gifts.  Often it can be stressful trying to find
THE GIFT for each person.  Either way, it finally hits me and I hit the ground running.  I’m particularly happy with what I gave people this year.  I went with a more heartfelt and meaningful approach this year.  Many of our closest friends are expanding their families with their first little ones so I was excited to find gifts that centered around that.  As for our immediate family, well, it isn’t the holidays unless there is a prank or two (or three) involved with the gifts.

I woke up this morning to wrap more presents and took a look at our tree and felt my heart swell.  By no means are my husband and I well off but to just be able to give something to each person we consider family in our lives is just something I love.  I’m all about making the memories.  Yes the gifts are great but it’s the exchange portion that I love the most.  I get so excited about giving gifts that often I’m the one that can’t wait for the person to open their present.  I.E. made my husband open a present a week early because I knew he would love it too much.

I guess I also live for the setting of the exchange.  The family huddled around the tree, holiday music playing, and the laughter that’s involved.  It’s like that for me when we exchange gifts for friends.  I love the building of the memories.

That is what I love most about the holiday season. The gifts are great (and sometimes hilarious) but I love the memories. I’m hoping that as my kids grow, they’ll love the memories too.

Here is to another memory filled holiday to your and yours!

For Keepsake

for keepsake

Call me old-fashioned but I love the idea of crafts and D.I.Y. projects.  I think it could be from growing up in a generation prior to Wi-Fi and Internet access on phones.  It seems like crafts are making a comeback in a big way.  I follow a lot of shops on Instagram that sew, handwrite, or just plain homemade.  If I had the energy and time, I would probably do the same for extra income.

I’ve been sewing for my boys.  With O I really wanted to make him a blanket, something that he could not only use as a baby but maybe even keep as he grows older.  I hand-sewed two blankets with the same pattern and materials for him.  He still uses both for naps and night time. Naturally I wanted to do the same for W.  Unlike with O’s blankets, I have lagged terribly.  I started this blanket the beginning of August when I started my maternity leave.  It is now November, W is about two and half months old and it’s sitting on top of my sewing machine.  You would think now that I have a sewing machine this time around I would have completed this project much faster.


After realizing this, I then started to worry about how I am approaching child number 2.  Am I already cutting back on the amount of attention compared to my first?  Should I have bought more things that were his own and not hand-me-downs? Should I even be worrying about something like this?

I guess the most important thing is that I am giving him a keepsake. It may not be finished yet but it is well on it’s way.  I feel like I should stop worrying so much.  I can’t be great at this motherhood thing all the time.  Not saying that now I have a reason to slack off but that I need to relax.  I have to keep reminding myself to be in the present and enjoy RIGHT NOW.  Enjoy the hugs from O, smile as W starts to be more aware of his surroundings, and witness  the two of them start their brotherly bond.