Heart filled Holidays

2015 memories

It’s become a little bit of a challenge to wrap presents as our family grows.  I’ve settled on either waiting until the kids falls asleep or waking up earlier than the kids.  I’ve gone with the later as I need to be sneaky about my husbands presents.

I remember as a kid that I would grow so excited as the gifts for myself grew under the tree.  I’d examine the wrapping paper that was used and any other additions.  As our family expanded, the wrapping paper mattered much less than the item inside.  Fast forward to now, well I really could careless for what I have under the tree.  I’m probably one of the worse people to shop for now.  My list consists of: any cute pajamas, giftcards to use at stores for the kids, a coffee cup.  As if I don’t have enough cute pajamas or coffee cups already.  Then I usually get the mini-lecture of “not a present for your kids but a present for you!”

Now I get much more satisfaction giving the gifts.  Often it can be stressful trying to find
THE GIFT for each person.  Either way, it finally hits me and I hit the ground running.  I’m particularly happy with what I gave people this year.  I went with a more heartfelt and meaningful approach this year.  Many of our closest friends are expanding their families with their first little ones so I was excited to find gifts that centered around that.  As for our immediate family, well, it isn’t the holidays unless there is a prank or two (or three) involved with the gifts.

I woke up this morning to wrap more presents and took a look at our tree and felt my heart swell.  By no means are my husband and I well off but to just be able to give something to each person we consider family in our lives is just something I love.  I’m all about making the memories.  Yes the gifts are great but it’s the exchange portion that I love the most.  I get so excited about giving gifts that often I’m the one that can’t wait for the person to open their present.  I.E. made my husband open a present a week early because I knew he would love it too much.

I guess I also live for the setting of the exchange.  The family huddled around the tree, holiday music playing, and the laughter that’s involved.  It’s like that for me when we exchange gifts for friends.  I love the building of the memories.

That is what I love most about the holiday season. The gifts are great (and sometimes hilarious) but I love the memories. I’m hoping that as my kids grow, they’ll love the memories too.

Here is to another memory filled holiday to your and yours!

Enjoy right now.

It seems so easy to get caught up in the holiday chaos and often forget to just enjoy it. I have yet to put up all the Christmas decorations since my husband and O are both sick.  Heck, we don’t even have a tree! Although this is my favorite time of the year and I love the decorations, I’m relieved that I haven’t fully immersed myself in ornaments and wrapping paper.

I really miss the simplicity of the holiday.  Shopping feels crazier as each holiday season passes and decor seems much more over the top. I’ve been finding myself more at peace enjoying the present. O is much more interested in Christmas this year. I’m loving watching him take in things.

It then occurred to me that there isn’t a need to make this holiday “perfect.” The decorations don’t need to be put up right away or presents all wrapped. I’m still trying so hard to be that perfect mom that has it all together. I’m not that perfect mom and I shouldn’t be placing that pressure on myself.

I will be enjoying right now – decorations going up little by little, hiding wrapped presents in the closet, and cuddling while watching holiday programs. I’m much more content having W hold tightly on my thumb as I watch O continue to fill his curious mind. It’s also pretty great seeing O’s reaction as we slowly decorate.  Taking a moment to just forget other stresses and enjoying these quiet moments is not so bad.