Not so terrible toddler.

Toddler life

Oh to be a toddler. O is almost 4 months in as a big brother and he’s doing a great job. I was concerned at one point since he would just ignore W. Lately he’s been more attentive to his brother. I let him take charge during tummy time and he points out shapes and colors (those that he does know) out. O also has been wanting to hold his brother so we have a process when he does ask or motion to hold W. He knows that he has to sit on the couch, we the place W on his lap and he gently puts his arms around him. There are moments where he wants to carry W and has tried to pick him up himself but he has done so much better about W.

His little brother loves it and I can tell there is a growing admiration. W usually follows wherever O moves to and has a gummy grin. I’m excited to see how their interaction will change once W crawls.

Mom view
Toddler life is hard on the both of us but moments where I see them both enjoying each others company, well, having two so close in age doesn’t seem that bad.