Motherhood, not as pictured / Mighty Mamas – Week 3

We all had an idea of how motherhood would be like pre-kids. How has your view changed since then?
We all had an idea of how motherhood would be like pre-kids. How has your view changed since then?

We knew that motherhood requires changing diapers, kissing “ouchies” and doing whatever we possible can to care for our kids.  We only saw the broad picture of motherhood.  It’s only now being in the depths of motherhood do we truly see a different view.

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This week the Mighty Mamas were asked: How is motherhood different than you pictured?

Motherhood involves a lot more heart and soul than I pictured.  While I was pregnant with my first child I knew that there was going to be so much love that I would have. I didn’t realize how intense of a love it would be.  I think the idea that I had of motherhood was just a glimmer and now that I’m starting to get deeper into motherhood, I’ve realized that there is so much love, patience, dedication in it.  I never
imagined how much I would still be able to grow as a person after becoming a mother.  My children teach me new things about myself almost every day.

I’ve learned to find beauty in motherhood and myself.  I’ve learned that laughing at myself occurs more than I thought.  I also learned that motherhood, especially postpartum, isn’t the same for everyone.

There are darker sides to motherhood, ones that are often not talked about, moments that need to be brought into the light.  PPD is something that is only touched on during pregnancy and something I definitely did not picture at all when I was thinking of motherhood before my kids.  Motherhood has definitely shown me that it is okay to reach out and ask for help.

I definitely never thought that I would find so much strength in motherhood nor did I imagine I would be drinking so much coffee!

How is motherhood different than you pictured?

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2 thoughts on “Motherhood, not as pictured / Mighty Mamas – Week 3

  1. Motherhood is definitely different than we picture it to be, and there’s so much more that goes on behind the moments we choose to share.
    I’ve enjoyed making new friends in this blog/ig land over the last several years. It’s comforting.
    Think I’ve mentioned this before, but I had severe PPD with my first and mild to moderate with my 2nd. If you ever want to chat or vent, let me know. It’s definitely a topic that needs more light shed. Have you heard of the Postpartum Progress page?

    1. Thank you so much Darcel, for reading, offering a listening ear, and just being a mama that I look up to. I haven’t heard of that particular page and just briefly scanned it now. Definitely going to check it out because I’m always searching for new resources when it comes to PPD.

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