Hey, little brother.

little brother, brother, second cihild, baby
Hey there little brother.  I know life can be tough when all you want to do is follow your older brother around.  Except being the little brother isn’t all THAT bad.

It must be hard to be a little brother.  Especially since you’re not quite mobile.  You can’t figure out why your legs can’t move as fast as your older brother.  You may not even realize you have legs yet.  You try your best to follow his movements but often get dizzy just watching him run around.  Older brother gets to play with Daddy.  They wrestle, chase after each other, and Daddy throws him in the air and you hear the delight in his voice.  All you can do is jump excitedly in your jumper as you watch but it doesn’t seem to have the same effect.

Your naps get cut short by your older brother’s tantrums and all you can do is stare wide-eyed.  You may finally be drifting back to sleep when you hear him playing pirates and yelling “ARRRRGH!”  You usually get your best naps while in a carrier or wrap strapped onto Mama like a little koala.  Except even then you’re not safe.  Older brother often tries to climb on Mama and ends up elbowing you in the head during the process.

Most of your clothes and toys are hand-me-downs too.  Your older brother received so many clothes that you didn’t really get too many new things.  From pajamas right down to the socks, you’re sporting pre-loved older brother wear.  You do get some new toys, but he usually gets to them first.  Even his old toys, he often has a hard time letting them go.  You usually stare confused as to how the toy that was just in your tiny grasp has suddenly disappeared.  When you look up, you see your older brother giggling with the toy in his hands.

Being the little brother can’t be easy, I know.   It can’t be all that bad right?  You not only have a Mama and a Daddy to love you but an older brother too.  An older brother that does his best to figure out why you’re crying.  He often starts crying himself because he can’t figure out why you’re unhappy.    Big brother probably won’t admit this but you’re the first person he looks for when he wakes in the morning and from his naps. You have an older brother who loves to give you good-night kisses before he goes to bed.  Being the younger brother and the newest member of the family means you get most of the visitors.  The grandparents hold you a little longer while your older brother stands by semi-confused as to why he isn’t the center of attention anymore.  Mama spends more time with you because she knows you still need help with many more things than older brother.

Being the little brother can’t be easy, I know.  Being the older brother isn’t too.  Just remember that Mama and Daddy love you so.  Big brother? Well, he may not admit it, even more so when you guys are older, but he’s glad you’re part of our family. Big brother loves you so.