Dear Husband

enjoymamahood | Dear husband

I know that it can’t be easy being a partner in the postpartum journey of mine.  It definitely does have it’s ugly moments.  My husband manages to try his best to be by my side through this whole journey.  He doesn’t have the conventional ways of showing that he loves me.  I don’t get the surprise flowers, chocolates, or pieces of jewelry.

I do however get days where he comes home with my favorite candy bar, random packages of things that I have sitting in my Amazon cart, handwritten notes on my school notepad, and emails on my work email that simply say “I love you.”  Add the time he sets aside to just focus on the boys.  He makes sure to play with them, read to them, and well just take care of them.  Those moments just make my heart swell with so much more love.  It’s really those type of moments that get to me.

Even yesterday as we picked out our first live tree, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him all over again.  He knows how fanatical I can get around this time of year since I love the holidays so much. Although he just came back from a lunch meeting and had a lot of work to finish up, he insisted we get our tree.  I loved watching him walk hand-in-hand with O as we found our tree.  He is so attentive to our children and I really couldn’t ask for a better father for them.

This whole parenthood thing is a learning process for the both of us.  We have our moments but knowing that he loves the boys as much as I do makes so much of a difference.  He really does his best to provide for our family.  I am loving these moments where it’s the four of us sharing new experiences together.  I can’t wait to keep adding more memories not only for the boys but for the two of us as well.