Bath Time with the Aqua Scale

We’ve added some ease with the Baby Patent Aqua Scale 3 in 1 Digital Baby Bath.

One of the items we did not receive from our registry was a baby bath tub.  My husband and I decided to forego getting one as we both thought we could easily bath E in the sink.  This turned out to be somewhat of a problem when you have 2 other kids to account for and a suddenly squirmy baby.

Please note that I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  

l reached out to Baby Patent about their best selling AQUA SCALE™ and since it has arrived, bath time has been much easier.  Giving her a bath without a tub was easy when E was still a newborn but now that she’s packing on some weight it’s been much more difficult trying to hold her in one arm and bath her with the other.

O was intrigued with the tub!

There are built-in arm rests where your baby can rest their arms comfortably and also provide support for them.  It also includes a removable support post that goes between your baby’s legs for added safety.  It is only recommended to be removed around 6 months of age.  I really like the support post because it helps with making sure your baby doesn’t slip down.  There is also an anti-slip pad that runs along your baby’s back and makes it easier for your baby to have even more support while in the water.

O and W testing the tub out.

So not only are able to give your baby a bath but you can monitor the temperature and weigh your baby!  You do need 2 AAA batteries in order to operate these features (batteries not included). The boys were trying to test the weight feature with Elmo and were surprised when the numbers appeared on the screen.  I’m most excited about this since I love tracking the kids’ growth monthly, especially during their first year, to include in their emails that I send (we made each other the kids email addresses when they were born so we could email them updates, photos, and videos for them to read when they get older).

Of course being judged as I bathe their sister.

We’re still getting use to bath time here now that there are 3.  My husband usually handles the boys and I focus on E and we do this at the same time but in separate bathrooms.  However, the boys insisted on watching to make sure their sister was okay in her new tub.

“Why am I in here again?”

E still is decided whether or not she likes bath time but having this AQUA SCALE™ sure has made it easier for me giving her a bath at night!

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    1. I was actually thinking the same when I saw it! It’s pretty big and I feel like we’ll be getting good use out of this for some time – you should definitely snag one!

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