Balancing of the Babies

“O,” my eldest, has been testing my motherhood balancing skills. I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that he has been acting more “babyish” than usual. The few months prior to W being born, we had progressed with potty training, him being able to help dress himself, and ultimately him being a little more independent.

As of late, my husband and I have noticed:

  • He pretend falls and either pretends to cry or says “uh oh.”
  • Drops down to crawl places.
  • Wants our attention much more when we’re changing W’s diaper.
  • Often refuses his cup and wants a bottle.

Other times, he wants to be fully independent. He “reads” to himself, quietly plays with his toys, and is progressing with language skills.

It gets difficult to refrain from getting frazzled when O has his moments and W is feeding or I’m changing his diaper. I find myself just needing a brief moment to gather myself.

Balancing both my kids’ needs is definitely a struggle. I worry whether I’m giving either enough attention. Sometimes I think O got “robbed” of enjoying being the only child and grandchild. ┬áThen I see how sweet he is towards his brother. I see his desperation to try and comfort W if he’s crying, he’ll try to pat him or kiss him.

I’m hoping this balancing act gets somewhat easier when W gets older. I keep telling myself that it’s difficult now but it’ll all be worth it in the end. I know I have to “look forward” to them causing mayhem together soon. Taking this one baby-toddler duo day at a time.